Woman to Woman: Gleaning Inspirational Insight From Our Biblical Mothers – PDF Ebook

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What woman gets up in the morning planning to be violated, humiliated, or disgraced? This book is for all women regardless of race, economic status, and religious beliefs, who might think she is the only female going through womanhood the hard way.

Woman to Woman – Gleaning Inspirational Insight From Our Biblical Mothers, is meant to go beyond the boundaries of words on a page and give insight from the fictional viewpoint of a biblical woman with like experiences. It is not meant to be psychoanalytical, just thought-provoking. It will give the readers scriptural support, inspiration, and encouragement. Together these women can achieve a greater effect… to nurture, excite, as God gives the increase. WE WOMEN ARE OVERCOMERS AND SHOULD BE CELEBRATED!

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