Reveal To Heal

One way I get sexual abuse and assault survivors to open up to me is to introduce myself, start with small talk, and then ask a question that is not necessarily part of the conversation: “Tell me your story”. They seem shocked and will usually reply by saying that “there isn’t enough time in the day”, or “no one wants to hear my story”, but rarely do they say, “I’ve been wondering when you were going to ask”!

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Gail Gardner

Maybe because no one ever wanted to hear what has been dying to live deep down inside of them. Sounding and looking jubilant in the beginning of the conversation but then when they know or feel safe with this new listener, things that may have never been uttered except to their therapist begins to flow. I have found this to be true when I counsel survivors or facilitate small groups of women.

I knew from experience as well as education that discourse is the beginning of healing. The more discussion is brought forth the more truth is revealed, and healing can begin. That is what REVEAL TO HEAL: TELLING MY STORY is available to those who would like to share so others can know they are not alone. Of course, there are ground rules to abide by, and your story must be approved before it is  posted.

Also, you can remain anonymous. So let’s begin and continue the healing process. I’ll begin first to create a safe place for you to share; after all, YOU’RE STILL THE KING’S DAUGHTER


  1. Gail F Gardner

    Spoke with someone who did not want to talk about their experience as a child sexual abuse survivor. I felt that was their right but couldn’t help but think about the powerful testimony they would have to speak or write so others will know they are not alone and it is possible to be healed and thrive.

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